Youth Media Sanctuary, the week of 11/3/10

Antonio and Chelsea under the Hoosick St. bridge in the rain.


Hey, this is Antonio and Chelsea.  We just wanted to update you on what we have been up to here at the Sanc. This week we made web reflections on our feelings and outlooks of North Central Troy. The group brain-stormed on all the different aspects of the neighborhood we face everyday.


It made us look at the different things from eachother’s point of view. Here are some themes we discovered in our communities:


Kinship: community,nieghbors,friends,family,church,school. P

ositive stories-sports, after school activities, The Sanctuary, Pastor Willie.

Police brutality: abuse authority, no consequences, dont take care of whats important, over react. Segregation:class,color,neighborhoods,hoosick,way of life,transportation,individual.

Teen pregnancy:sexual ads,no parental advice,peer pressure,at home issues,trying fit in,under the influence.

Getting hassled:being followed,being questioned,sexism,younger women being targeted,powerless.

Also, we all watched youth media videos and the one that stood out the most to us was about Sean Bell. That video touched us because it showed us how kids younger the we are can be passionate about makeing films and expressing thier opinions about the police brutality that was happening in thier neighbor hood.*If you want to watch this video or others like it go here:

Stay Tuned for more YMS updates!